Our Sustainability Efforts


At O-Cedar®, we’re not just about making cleaning easier. We’re also committed to green manufacturing and eco-friendly products. From the use of recycled materials, to microfiber mop heads that let you practice chemical-free cleaning, our goal is to make a difference in how we all consume natural resources.


A Tradition of Green Innovation


For the past 100 years, we’ve made it our mission to be a leader in green innovation. Our first polish was made of cedar leaf oil, and our product line has grown to include broom bristles made from recycled plastic bottles and natural corn and mop fibers made from post-industrial materials.


Better for You, Better for the Planet


We are committed to the use of recycled and sustainable materials that create less waste and require less energy and water during manufacturing. Below are just a few ways we innovate for our customers, while keeping the environment top of mind.


  • Each year, we recycle 72 million plastic bottles into 2 million pounds of broom bristles
  • Our cotton mops are biodegradable and made of 99% recycled post-industrial materials
  • We use natural, renewable corn in many of our broom bristles
  • Our broom blocks (part which holds the bristles) are made of 80% recycled materials
  • Our reusable ProMist® refill pads reduce landfill waste, while the microfiber provides an effective, chemical-free cleaning option



Cleaner, Greener Headquarters


Saving energy and protecting the environment were key in designing and building our newest facility in Aurora, IL. Opened in the fall of 2009, it’s one of only six industrial buildings in the Tri-State area (IL, IN and WI) to be Silver LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified.



Located near a wetland of flora and fauna, we’ve been especially conscious of their ecosystem by building wetland-bottom detention ponds that slow storm water runoff and improve the quality of the water leaving the site.

In addition, we offer preferred parking for carpoolers and hybrids, and feature high-efficiency fluorescent light fixtures with motion sensors throughout the offices and warehouse.


Other eco-friendly features:


  • Low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, adhesives, sealants, coatings, carpets and flooring systems were used to eliminate harmful odors and improve the indoor air quality
  • High-efficiency plumbing fixtures help reduce overall water usage, while high-efficiency HVAC equipment helps reduce energy use


To us, sustainability means integrating ecological, social and economic values into everyday life. It’s a continuous effort and it’s something we’ve worked for years to implement and live in all parts of the company.