Dual-Action Dust Mop™

  • UPC 0-41785-00257-5

Cleaning in tight corners and under furniture just got easier thanks to our dual-action dust mop. Built with chenille and microfiber technology, it’s designed to give you an effective clean for any floor surface.

This O-Cedar® Dual-Action Dust Mop:

  • Features a flexible microfiber head that dusts floors and baseboards in one motion
  • Is made with ultra-dense chenille for dust & dirt pick-up
  • Is eco-friendly and machine washable up to 50x
  • Is compatible with the Dual–Action Dust Mop Refill

Features and Benefits

  • All-Surface All-Surface
  • Eco-friendly Eco-friendly
  • Machine Washable 50x Machine Washable 50x
  • Microfiber Microfiber
  • Safe for Hardwood & Laminate Safe for Hardwood & Laminate
Do not wash your reusable mop refills with fabric softener or dry with a dryer sheet, as they minimize impact to absorption performance.
For cobwebs in hard-to-reach spots, use the O-Cedar® Microfiber Dust Mop. You can use it, then wash it so it's fresh the next time.