Multi-Pack Scrubbers

  • UPC 0-41785-00355-8

Grab a scrubber for every tough job around the house when you purchase this multi-pack with one steel, one copper and one non-stick plastic scrubber each.

These O-Cedar® scrubbers:

  • power through grease and grime                                    
  • are durable—both stainless steel and pure copper last longer than steel wool                                                                                         
  • feature a mesh design to hold in soap while rinsing clean of debris
An easy way to keep from spreading bacteria from room to room is to color-code your cleaning tools. Use yellow Sponge Cloths for the toilet, blue scrubbers for the kitchen, and yellow and green Scrunges® for the shower!
Cover the inside of an oven with coarse salt while it's still warm. After the oven cools, the abrasiveness of the salt will let you scrape food away and wipe it up with a damp O-Cedar® Sponge Cloth or Scrunge®.