Sponge Cloth

  • UPC 0-41785-00528-6

This dual-sided sponge cleans like a sponge and wipes like a cloth!

This O-Cedar® sponge cloth:

  • is made with reinforced cellulose to be superabsorbent and long-lasting
  • is sold with 2 sponges per pack
After dusting, use a mixture of 1 teaspoon lemon oil and 1 cup vegetable oil and wipe on lightly for a great furniture polish recipe! Make sure you apply with a dry, clean cloth.
To remove crayon markings from painted walls, put a little non-bleaching toothpaste on a damp Sponge Cloth or scrubber sponge (non-abrasive side) and rub carefully. And just like magic, it disappears!