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Spray & Steam Mops

Choose your own cleaning solution for this eco-friendly spray mop with machine washable microfiber pad that traps dirt, dust and hair and even cleans without chemicals. Plus, it’s effective on all hard floor surfaces.

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Spin Mops

Our spin mops make achieving cleaner floors with less mess and work easier than ever before!

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Microfiber Mops

These eco-friendly mops feature machine washable heads (up to 100x) and microfiber technology that traps dirt, dust and hair on all surfaces. Plus, you can use them with water only for a deep clean!

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Sponge Mops

Give your floors a deep clean and get rid of tough, embedded or dried-on dirt with ease with O-Cedar® sponge mops, designed for easy multi-surface cleaning!

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Cloth Mops

Our cloth mops feature absorbent cotton fibers that allow for a more efficient clean on hard floor surfaces like tile, marble and linoleum. Plus, most are machine washable up to 50x.

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Mop Refills

Get a fresh clean every time with our mop refills, designed to be long-lasting and easy to change. Most are machine washable, helping you practice green cleaning.

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