24” Multi-Surface Push Broom

  • UPC 0-47185-00045-8

The ultimate in outdoor push brooms, this multi-surface broom features a secure head, even during rough use. Its heavy-duty plastic block won’t crack, warp or mildew, while the Memory Bristles™ retain their shape for long-lasting sweeping performance.

This O-Cedar® Push Broom:

  • has soft outer bristles that sweep up fine dirt particles, while sturdy inner bristles sweep away large debris
  • features Maxi-Lok® technology and anti-rotation socket so broom head never comes loose
  • is eco-friendly with broom block and bristles made of 80% recycled material
  • works great for garages, sidewalks, decks and other outdoor surfaces

Features and Benefits

  • Eco-friendly Eco-friendly
  • Maxi-Lok Maxi-Lok®
Hang your mop or broom via the convenient hook on the end of the handle for proper storage. Make sure the head is not resting on the floor.
A little-known cleaning tip is to use soft bread to pick up broken glass. After you've swept up the big pieces, use a piece of bread to get the tiny ones you often can't see!