Easy Squeeze®

  • Plastic Hinge Mop
  • UPC 0-41785-00218-6

Great for deep cleaning high-traffic rooms, this sponge mop offers dual-action cleaning with a foam sponge and microfiber wave strips all in one! Plus, its highly absorbent foam sponge grabs dirt and spills with ease.

This O-Cedar® sponge mop:

  • is dual-action with microfiber wave strips that safely lift and trap stubborn dirt for an effective deep clean, while the absorbent foam sponge leaves floors drier
  • is perfect all surface floor cleaning
  • is compatible with the Easy Squeeze® Plastic Hinge Mop Refill


Features and Benefits

  • All-Surface All-Surface
  • Microfiber Microfiber
  • Safe for Hardwood & Laminate Safe for Hardwood & Laminate
To keep your hardwood floor looking its best and help prevent warping, maintain humidity in the home between 45% and 55%.
Before cleaning your ceramic floor, go over pesky marks with a rubber eraser, then mop up the excess dirt!

Easy Squeeze® Plastic Hinge Mop Refill Replacement

Watch this short video and learn how to easily replace the mop head on our O-Cedar® Easy Squeeze® Plastic Hinge Mop.