Fast ‘N Easy® Roller Mop Refill

  • UPC 0-41785-00064-9

This superabsorbent sponge mop refill makes for quick and easy cleaning of linoleum and marble floors.

This O-Cedar® sponge mop refill:

  • is easy to install
  • works great for tile floor cleaning, linoleum and marble
  • is reusable up to 6 months


Features and Benefits

  • Safe for Linoleum Safe for Linoleum
  • Safe for Marble Safe for Marble
  • Safe for Tile/Ceramic Safe for Tile/Ceramic
To keep your hardwood floor looking its best and help prevent warping, maintain humidity in the home between 45% and 55%.

Fast ‘N Easy Refill Replacement

This video will show you how to replace the sponge on your O-Cedar Fast 'N Easy Roller Mop.