• Roller Mop
  • UPC 0-74642-40174-7

Designed specifically for hardwood floor cleaning, this roller mop’s extra-large head helps you cover more ground! Plus, its unique Super Dry® sponge technology dries floors 3x faster than an ordinary sponge mop.

This O-Cedar® sponge mop:

  • features a Scuff Eraser™ felt pad to gently remove marks and dried-on dirt
  • uses a Super Dry® sponge designed to prevent excess water from damaging wood floors
  • is compatible with the Wood-Matic® Roller Mop Refill


Features and Benefits

  • Safe for Hardwood & Laminate Safe for Hardwood & Laminate
Hang your mop or broom via the convenient hook on the end of the handle for proper storage. Make sure the head is not resting on the floor.

Wood-Matic Roller Mop Refill Replacement

This video will show you how to replace the sponge on your O-Cedar Wood-Matic Roller Mop.