Hardwood Floor ‘N Baseboards Dust Mop

Cleaning your baseboards just got easier. Designed with a flexible mop head, the Hardwood Floor ‘N Baseboards Dust Mop sweeps away pesky dirt, dust and hair from floors and baseboards in one seamless motion. Its reusable and machine washable mop head is equipped with both microfiber and ultra-dense chenille to tackle all hard floor surfaces including hardwood, linoleum and laminate.

Buy online at The Home Depot, Amazon, Ace Hardware or TrueValue.

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Cleans baseboards and hardwood floors

The multipurpose mop head is safe for all hard floor surfaces, including wood, laminate, linoleum and tile. 

Mighty microfiber & ultra-dense chenille

Chenille and microfiber work together to effectively pick up and remove dirt, dust and hair. 


• Designed with microfiber and ultra-dense chenille 
• Safe for all hard floors including linoleum, laminate and wood
• Reusable and machine washable
• For best results, replace refill every 3 months
• Compatible with the Hardwood Floor ‘N Baseboard Dust Mop Refill 

Use & Care

Remove dust by gently shaking outdoors, then machine wash. Do not wash with bleach or fabric softener. Lay flat to dry. For best results, replace refill every 3 months.

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