From heavy duty messes to smaller slip-ups, O-Cedar® has a sponge and scrubber for all of your household messes. Whether it’s cleaning cookware or bakeware, O-Cedar®’s family of sponges and scrubbers has you covered.

Choose from All-Purpose Cleaning Tools or Kitchen Helpers


From heavy duty to non-scratch, we’ve got an O-Cedar® sponge for every surface, even Teflon® coated cookware. Plus, our Scrunge® products are the only Dupont® recommended by Teflon quality tested nonstick coatings.


From durable plastic to stainless steel and copper, O-Cedar® scrubbers work on multiple surfaces and rinse clean after. Now that’s easy cleaning!

Scrubbers and Sponges for Tough Messes

Whether cleaning the kitchen or looking for an all-purpose cleaning sponge or scrubber, O-Cedar® has multiple options for you to choose from no matter your household clean-up needs.

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