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Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean  and your hands protected  with O-Cedar's scrub sponges and Playtex Gloves. Our family of cleaning sponges are designed for multiple household surfaces, from durable plastic to stainless steel. Plus, keep your hands safe from hot water and cleaning chemicals with our comfortable, colorful cleaning gloves.


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From heavy duty to non-scratch, we’ve got an O-Cedar® scrub sponge for every surface, even glass and non-stick coatings. Plus, our Scrunge® products last longer than regular sponges and will not fray or pill.

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Protect your hands during dishwashing and other household chores with our premium, Playtex multi-purpose cleaning gloves. Experience a perfect fit and enhanced grip every time.

Easy cleaning for household messes

Whether you're cleaning the kitchen or scrubbing the bathroom, our line of cleaning sponges and household gloves are the perfect accessories to help you get the job done.

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