3 Ways to Make Staying Home a Little More Fun

3 Ways to Make Staying Home a Little More Fun

APRIL 11, 2020 | Seasonal, Updates

We’ve compiled some ideas to keep you and your family engaged and entertained. These activities are a great way to release some creative energy and stay connected at home. Don’t worry too much about the mess, the fun and memories made during quality family time will be worth it, promise!


1. Get Crafty
Instead of taking the kids to the art museum this weekend, why not bring the museum to you. Create an Easter egg exhibit, a shaving cream painting gallery, or a sculpture garden made out of marshmallow play dough all with ingredients and supplies you probably already have at home.

  • Organic Egg Dyes for Easter- Easter egg dying is a must every year. All you’ll need for this activity are eggs and spices or foods for coloring. Make bright yellow eggs with spices like turmeric powder or lavender colored eggs with red onion skins for the dye. Check out our full list of colors and learn more about how to make organic egg dyes for Easter.
  • Shaving Cream Paint- Let imaginations fly with this painting activity that uses shaving cream and food coloring to make the paint. This 2 ingredient painting recipe is quick and easy to make. Although it sounds messy, the table or counter cleanup is just as easy with the Scrunge® Multi-use Cleaning Sponge, or the ProMist® MAX Microfiber Spray Mop for messes that make it on the floor (because being an artist is messy!)
  • Marshmallow Play Dough- Everyone loves playing with play dough. It’s super fun and making it is just as fun. Marshmallows, coconut oil, corn starch, and food coloring are all you need to get started. Watch our Marshmallow Play Dough video to learn more.

For more crafting ideas and activities, check out our Messy Fun with Easy Cleanup playlist on YouTube.


2. Try New Recipes

Try these fast and easy recipes to enjoy some home-cooked meals and treat yourselves with a sweet homemade dessert.

  • Pancake 3 Ways- Pancakes are a great meal to start everyone’s day off with, and will make you a homeschool teacher favorite! Satisfy everyone’s taste buds with three pancake variations. Make Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes, Bacon Pancakes, or Pancakes on the Go with our Pancakes Three Ways recipe.
  • Bacon 3 Ways- If you and your family enjoy bacon then you will love the Bacon Three Ways recipe which includes Bacon Burger Bites, Bacon Poppers and Bacon Hearts.
  • Freezer Bag Ice Cream- This recipe is the perfect kid-friendly kitchen activity. All you need for the Freezer Bag Ice Cream recipe is half and half, vanilla extract, sugar, salt, ice cubes, and a sealable plastic bag to get started.

Enjoy more recipes by checking out our Messy Fun with Easy Cleanup playlist on YouTube and make the cleanup quick and easy with our Ultimate Clean Team.

3. Connect with Friends Online

Keep little ones connected to their friends through video chats and maybe even host an online dance party to get them active.

  • Online Dance Party- Most social media platforms now offer group video chats to help us stay connected. Find the platform that works best for your kids and their friends and turn on their favorite playlist and let them dance away. Check out our O-Cedar Spotify playlist for some song recommendations!

At O-Cedar, we know that now more than ever, home is your safe haven. We hope these activities help you create some fun and make memories with your family.

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