5 Back-to-School Organization Tips for the Whole Family

5 Back-to-School Organization Tips for the Whole Family

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As the summer fades into fall, that means football, family tailgating and back-to-school season. Whether you are looking for back-to-school cleaning tips or ways your entire family can find their own back-to-school routine, get everyone organized with these five back-to-school organization tips.

#1 Categorize Clothing

When it comes to clothing, create an organizational system that will save both you and your student time in the morning. Categorize clothing in closets and dresser drawers by placing clothing items into like categories. For example, place t-shirts for gym days in one drawer, nicer shirts in another drawer and long-sleeved shirts in another. This small shift in your family’s wardrobe will make getting dressed in the mornings easier for everyone!

#2 Create a Calendar

The school year can easily fill up fast. Between appointments, athletics, clubs, extracurricular activities, family dinners and social outings with friends, there is a lot going on. Don’t forget your own work schedule! In order to avoid calendar chaos, create an organized family calendar where every event is scheduled in one place. Whether you use a flip calendar placed on the fridge, a dry erase board placed by the family computer or a shared digital calendar that can be accessed through an online app, get your family organized by creating one ultimate family calendar.

#3 Establish Routines

Before the school year starts, sit down as a family and establish what will happen when. For example:

  • Will clothes be picked out the night before or in the morning?
  • When will book bags, gym bags and extracurricular activity bags be packed?
  • When will school lunches be made? The night before or the morning of?
  • Who will be in charge of making breakfast and on what days?
  • What is the bus/carpool schedule?

Everyone’s schedule and routine may vary from day to day, but setting expectations and getting on the same page at the start of the new school year, will help the entire family work together as one cohesive family unit. Go team go!

#4 Organize the Entryway

When the kids come home from school, they usually burst through the door and toss their backpacks, coats and shoes aside, which can make for one big back-to-school mess. Grab the ProMist® MAX Microfiber Spray Mop and give your entryway a quick clean. Let’s not forget any outdoor messes that may find their way indoors. When back-to-school season comes around, make sure there are plenty of available hangers and hooks for students to hang up their backpacks, bags, and coats. Set out some baskets for boots, sandals, and shoes too.

Organize your entryway with these additional organizational tips.

#5 Set Up a Workstation

When it comes time for homework, set up a workstation for students and all family members to use. It could be a desk or a specific counter space area, but wherever you choose, make sure the space surface is clean and free of clutter. If working at a kitchen island or countertop, give it a good clean with the Scrunge® Multi-Use Sponge so papers and notebooks don’t stick to any past spills or culinary mishaps. Stock it up with pencils, pens, erasers, tissues and any other supplies that may be needed. This way, there are no excuses when it’s time to get to work.

The back-to-school season doesn’t have to be difficult for parents or students. By incorporating these five organizational tips, you and your entire family will be organized and well underway to have the most successful school year yet!

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