Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Tips

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Tips

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With spring one month away, we still find ourselves in the heart of the winter season. Although you may not be thinking of spring cleaning just yet, save yourself some time this spring season by incorporating these helpful cleaning tips you can use daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily Cleaning Tips

Get into the habit of completing these basic cleaning tasks. With just a few minutes of work each day, you will keep chaos at bay and will ultimately prevent them from becoming major projects later.

  • Make the Bed. Start your day off by making your bed. A freshly made bed makes the whole room (and morning) seem orderly, which makes it more likely that you will go through your entire day in an organized and tidy fashion.
  • Clean as You Cook. Whether you are a top chef perfecting your culinary skills or a wannabe cooking star just practicing, clean up any culinary messes as you make them. Any spill is much more manageable when it’s fresh.
  • Do the Dishes. Instead of filling the sink with bowls, coffee cups, plates, pots and pans, grab your kitchen sponge and wash all of the dishes after each and every meal. In a rush? Rinse them and place them in the dishwasher instead. You will thank yourself the next morning when you wake up to a clean kitchen!
  • Sort the Mail. Each day, take a few moments to sort, open, read and organize the mail as soon as you bring it inside. Going through the mail each day will cut down on paper clutter that easily stacks up - literally.
  • Manage the Clutter. Whenever you leave a room, take a quick look around for anything that is out of place. If you spot anything out of order, pick it up and put it back where it belongs. Politely make the suggestion for your family members or fellow roommates to do the same.

Weekly Cleaning Tips

Weekly cleaning only has to be done once a week, so although there are a few more items on this weekly cleaning checklist, just remember, it only has to be done once a week!

  • Laundry. Gather all of the bathroom towels, bedding, kitchen towels and dirty clothes and start laundry for the week ahead. Be sure to set aside any pieces that need extra attention like tough to remove stains from your favorite foods like chocolate.
  • Dust Surfaces. Go through each room and dust all surfaces including tables, objects and light fixtures. To really make your surfaces sparkle, use a high quality cleaning cloth and an organic cleaning spray.
  • Scrub the Bathroom and Kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchens are high traffic areas that get used often, so give them some extra attention once a week. Clean bathtubs, toilets, showers and sinks as well as kitchen cupboard doors, countertops, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, stovetops and toaster ovens.
  • Sweep and Vacuum. Grab an indoor broom and dust pan and sweep any hardwood surfaces then proceed to vacuum any carpeted areas.
  • Take Out Recycling and Trash. Go through each room and collect any recycling and trash items then place them in their proper bins so when it comes time for garbage day, you aren’t scrambling.

Monthly Cleaning Tips

Spend a few hours every month hunting down hard to reach, hidden dust. A few extra hours will ultimately save you time when it comes time to spring clean.

  • Dust the Ceiling Fan Blades. Ceiling fans are so easy to ignore because, well, they are on the ceiling, so once a month, take a moment to look up and give them a good wipe down with a duster.
  • Launder Bedroom Comforters and Duvets. Although bedroom bedding and pillowcases should be washed at least once a week, wash or dry clean bed comforters and duvets at least once a month.
  • Clean the Refrigerator. The refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliances in your home and is subject to a multitude of messes including varied spills and food that may be past its prime. (Yuck!) Hey, it happens. A clean refrigerator will help keep food fresher so maintain its cleanliness using a heavy duty sponge or scrubber at least once a month if not more. While you’re at it, don’t forget the freezer and will you’re in there be sure to check all expiration dates.
  • Wipe Down the Medicine Cabinet. Easily forgotten with just a simple shut of the door, don’t ignore the medicine cabinet. Wipe down medicine cabinet shelves with an all purpose sponge and toss any bath and body products, makeup and medications that are expired or out of date. 
  • Wash Out Garbage and Recycling Cans. Household garbage cans and recycling bins work hard to safely store all of the things we no longer want, so once a month give them some extra attention with a good scrub down.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a once a year chore. Save yourself some time with these daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tips. While you’re at it, check out these quick cleaning tips perfect for any weekend no matter what the season.

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