How To Clean Laminate Floors

How To Clean Laminate Floors

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Even though laminate looks similar to hardwood, it is actually a synthetic wood composite and needs to be cared for differently. If you just got laminate floors installed and don’t know how to clean them, we can help! This material requires special care because too much moisture can cause issues. To properly maintain your laminate flooring and keep them looking great for a long time, simply follow the following best practices.


1. Check for Specifications From The Floor Company

If your flooring is brand new, it should have come with instructions from the manufacturer. Take a look through that information for recommendations, or see if they have a website where cleaning instructions are easy to find. If not, no worries! We have you covered.


2. Only Use Soaps Labeled For Laminate

When purchasing soap, look specifically for one that is labeled ‘laminate cleaner’ or ‘safe for laminate’. Cleaning products with an oil base can leave a residue that will damage the sealants meant to protect the floor. Stay away from wax or polishes altogether.

3. Clean Up Stains Quickly

As laminate is sensitive to liquids and you don’t want to scrub the flooring, make sure you clean up spills the moment they occur. A couple of tools that are effective for cleaning up stains are:

4. Use Gentle Cleaning Tools

Laminate floors can scratch easily so don’t use anything with rough fibers such as steel wool or coarse-bristled brooms. (Pro-tip: pet parents should make sure to clip their pet's nails regularly to avoid unwanted marks and scratches.) When cleaning, use microfiber mops to accomplish a safe, yet deep and effective clean. We have a wide selection of microfiber mops that are perfect for dusting and mopping laminate. Check out our Hardwood Floor ‘N More® Microfiber Mop and other variations here.

5. Reduce Moisture

As we mentioned before, laminate is very sensitive to moisture. It will help a great deal if you use a mop that can achieve a deep clean without needing too much water. A couple of great options we have are:

With the right cleaning tools and schedule, you will have no problem keeping your laminate floors in mint condition! For more information on how to clean different types of flooring, check out more of our articles here.

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