How to Keep Your Home Organized All Year Round

How to Keep Your Home Organized All Year Round

JANUARY 9, 2020 | Get Organized, Innovation, Updates

Life is busy. Between crazy calendars and packed planners, there is not a lot of room for organizing. Make a plan and follow these few simple tips so you can keep your home organized all year round and not just during the holiday season.

Tip #1 Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy 
It’s easier to clean when cleaning materials are nearby, so keep basic cleaning supplies in high traffic areas of your home. Think of areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Keep go-to items like cleaning spray, gloves and scrubbers handy so messes can easily be tackled right when they happen. This small yet simple tip will save you time and energy when you encounter a mess.
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Tip #2 Clear Clutter
Each year, many of us acquire a mountain of items and without regular purging of cabinets, closets and drawers, you can easily be left with a mess. This year, resolve to go through your entire house room by room periodically clearing anything you don’t love, use or wear and donate it to a local charity or church. Then, group and store similar items like DVDS, remotes and shoes in simple woven baskets hidden away from view.

Tip #3 Clean High Traffic Areas
This year, focus on the areas of your home that make the biggest difference to you and your family. Every evening, clean the kitchen countertops and do the dishes with the Scrunge® and give the floor a quick clean with the ProMist™ MAX Microfiber Spray Mop. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up to a sparkling clean kitchen for breakfast!
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Tip #4 Set Up a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routine
Like with any task, organizing is easier to maintain when you do a little bit every day, every week and every month. By tackling smaller daily tasks like putting away backpacks, coats, gym bags and shoes and sorting through the mail, you and your entire family can help keep an organized home all year round. Larger tasks like folding laundry and ironing can be done once a week, while much bigger tasks, like organizing the kitchen, can be completed once a month.
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Tip #5 Take Inventory
Once a quarter, go through your home’s cleaning supplies and take an inventory then stock up on anything you need for the season ahead. Make sure you are ready for every season - winterspring, summer and fall. Make new batches of organic cleaning spray, purchase new gloves for all of your cleaning projects along with sponges and scrubbers for the bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t forget refills.

Life gets busy, but that doesn’t mean your home cannot stay organized. Follow these simple steps so you and your family can keep your home organized all year long.

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