Introducing O-Cedar PACS Hard Floor Cleaner

Introducing O-Cedar PACS Hard Floor Cleaner

May 8, 2023  |  Innovation, Cleaning Tips

Want an easier way to clean your floors? Say hello to the solution that packs a punch. Enter: O-Cedar® PACS Hard Floor Cleaner. Why are they your O-Cedar® mop’s new BFF? Read on to find out.

When it comes time to clean, you want it to be quick and easy. After we created our hard-working spin mops, it was clear to us that you were still searching for a top-notch floor-cleaning solution to go with them. Who wants to fuss with finding a cleaning solution, measuring it out, pouring it into a mop system and then finding a place to store another big bottle of a cleaning product? Not us! It’s time to take the guesswork out of cleaning and save a little cabinet room.

PACS are conveniently pre-portioned to make mopping easier. They're specially designed to use with O-Cedar mop systems but can be used with any mop and bucket. These concentrated capsules are packed with the deep cleaning power of enzymes, and are made without the use of harsh chemicals, meaning they’re safe to use around kids and pets.

How do PACS Work?


How do PACS Work?

They’re easy and convenient! Simply drop a perfectly-portioned hard floor cleaning PAC into your bucket, add water, and watch the satisfying fizz as the powerful plant-based enzymes begin to dissolve. Once your water is bubbling with cleaning power, you’re ready to mop. 

Just because PACS are made with plant enzymes and not harsh chemicals doesn't mean they don't stack up to the chemical-filled ones. In fact, PACS are both powerful and safe —  a duo you won't find in other floor cleaning products. They're packed with the micro-cleaning power of Lipase to break down dirt and grease, dissolving it away to create sparkling, streak-free floors. No ammonia, no bleach, and absolutely no parabens – we want to ensure every floor cleaned with O-Cedar® PACS is safe for little feet and little paws.

Extra reasons to love PACS!


Extra reasons to love PACS!

Not only are O-Cedar® PACS safe for hardwood floors, our enzyme floor cleaner is safe for any type of luxury vinyl tile, in any finish, as well as ceramic and porcelain tile. One bucket of water mixed with one PAC is enough for any hard surface floor in your home — kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, dining rooms, and entryways.

PACS are available in two fresh scents: refreshing Crisp Citrus and calming Lavender to give your senses a pick me up as you clean.


Gone are the days of googling the perfect ratio of water and solution, or searching for a solution that is safe, yet strong enough to properly clean your floors. The perfect companion to your O-Cedar® spin mop (or any mop, really) is here.

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Crisp Citrus O-Cedar PACS
Crisp Citrus O-Cedar® PACS
Lavender O-Cedar PACS
Lavender O-Cedar® PACS
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