Spring Ahead With These 7 Cleaning Tips

Spring Ahead With These 7 Cleaning Tips

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The spring season is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing. No not spring cleaning, Daylight Saving Time! Not only does spring mark the beginning of warm weather, but it also means we set our clocks ahead one hour. Many of us take advantage of the longer daylight hours with backyard dinners with family and friends or long evening walks with neighbors, but why not take advantage of the extra hour of daylight and put it to good use with these cleaning tips perfect for springing ahead.

*Some of these tasks don’t need regular attention, but also need not be forgotten!

#1: Check and Change Water Filters
Checking and changing water filters is an easy task to forget, but is crucial for keeping your home’s drinking water free of contaminants. Although it’s best to do this at least once a quarter, use Daylight Saving Time at minimum to remind yourself to change filters under your kitchen sink and in your refrigerator.

#2: Dust Electronic Devices
Cell phones, tablets, computer screens and keyboards get their fair share of use on a daily basis. Besides smudges from sticky fingers, electronic devices can harbor dust, dirt, grime and even the occasional crumb (hey, we get it, we’ve all eaten lunch at our desk before). Give your electronic devices a good wipe down daily if not at least once a week. A Microfiber All-Purpose Cloth works well, but for heavier screen smudges you may need to resort to an eyeglass cloth. Countless crumbs? Try a duster!

#3: Hand Wash and Polish Display China
The china and flatware you keep on display all year long can easily get forgotten when it comes to regular cleaning. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours of spring and use this time to give these treasured pieces a gentle hand wash to remove any built up dust and dirt. Grab a pair of protective gloves and apply a polish if needed. Be sure to read the care instructions first before using though!

#4: Flip Bedroom Mattresses
Use Daylight Saving Time as a good reminder to flip all of the mattresses in your home so they wear evenly and don’t develop any dips. While you’re flipping mattresses, steam them. Cleaning mattresses regularly can reduce allergens, which can ultimately help you breathe easier. Remember, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important tools in your health and wellness arsenal.

#5: Swap Bedding
As you are flipping bedroom mattresses, swap out your heavy winter bedding and down comforters for lighter blankets more conducive to the warmer springtime season. The same rule applies for any window treatments. If you use heavier curtains or drapes for the cold winter months, replace them with lighter window treatments so you can enjoy the fresh spring air as it gently wafts through your clean house.

#6: Sweep Behind Doors
The cold months of winter are over which means areas that may have easily been concealed during the dark days of winter are now more visible due to longer daylight hours. Areas like the flooring behind doors, under coat racks and even under furniture can quickly accumulate dust, especially in high traffic areas. Grab your favorite indoor broom and give these areas some extra attention so they sparkle and shine for the springtime season.

#7: Wipe Forgotten Furniture Features
The tops of buffets, cabinets and intricate furniture details can easily be overlooked during regular weekend cleaning sessions. Over time, these small areas can easily accumulate dust that can be spread to other areas of your home, so grab a duster and give some attention to those areas that are often overlooked during annual spring cleaning.

Enjoy Daylight Saving Time as we spring ahead and remember to take advantage of the extra daylight hours and squeeze in some extra cleaning projects so your home is ready to welcome the new springtime season. Happy cleaning everyone!

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