Why the Scrunge is Officially The Best Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge

Why the Scrunge is Officially The Best Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge

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It’s hard for us to choose our favorite cleaning products. It’s like asking us to choose our favorite child. You just can’t do it! However, if you ask us what’s one of our favorite sponges, it’s hands down the Scrunge®. After undergoing extensive tests in America’s Test Kitchen, the Scrunge® has some pretty stellar benefits:

  • Effortlessly lifts away dirt and rinses clean to prevent odors from forming because no one likes a smelly sponge
  • It’s gentle yet powerful making it extremely versatile for any mess you encounter
  • Includes a rippled scrubber surface so no crumb or streak of grease is left behind
  • Easily breaks up messes so your favorite pans, pots and serving dishes can be enjoyed for years to come

However, some of our favorite benefits to using the Scrunge include: its scrubbing power, absorbance and durability.

Tackles your favorite dishes without a scratch.
The Scrunge® looks like a traditional, flat sponge, but is better. As reported by America’s Test Kitchen, The Scrunge® cleaning sponge uses the only patented durable non-scratch scrubbing surface recommended by Teflon™ quality tested nonstick coatings. It can handle tough kitchen messes like boiler pans that have seen better days, sticky stovetops and pots and pans, yet is gentle enough to use on delicate dining and glassware.

Gets the job done and keeps odor at bay.
Easily rinsable, the Scrunge® doesn't trap food particles. This unique feature also means the Scrunge® can stand up to a lot of use and is odor resistant for up to two months, which means you don’t need to worry about any smelly sponges.

Tested by America’s Test Kitchen, the Scrunge® is super absorbent, making it perfect for cleaning countertops or sopping up spills so not one drop is left behind. Gentle yet powerful, the rippled scrubber surface easily breaks up messes, effortlessly lifting away dirt and rinses clean.

Made to last and power through your kitchen messes.
Made from a dense cellulose, the Scrunge® contains one abrasive side in the form of a three-dimensional scrubber. This heavily textured surface is especially effective at tackling stubborn cooked-on food and thick grease.

The Scrunge® is safe to use on all types of hard surfaces including bakeware and cookware. It can even wash away sticky biscuit dough. As noted by America’s Test Kitchen, “Whether you regularly cook elaborate meals and produce a pile of hard-to-clean kitchen equipment or you just need to wash a coffee mug every morning, we recommend it!”

Fun Fact: Check out the extensive tests the Scrunge® underwent in America’s Test Kitchen. (Spoiler alert: It passed with flying colors).

We may not be able to pick our favorite cleaning tool of choice, but it’s pretty safe to say the Scrunge® is officially the best all-purpose cleaning sponge.

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