PowerCorner® Pet Pro Broom & Step-On Dust Pan

Love your pet, just not the fur? The PowerCorner Pet Pro Broom makes keeping up with animal shed a breeze. Awarded ‘Best Broom and Dustpan for Pet Messes' by Better Homes & Gardens, it’s made from 80% recycled materials. It's equipped with angled bristles that are specifically designed to clean pet hair in a single sweep. The set is complete with our patented step-on dust pan which eliminates bending. Plus, its integrated cleaning combs remove 3x more hair.

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Removes 3x more hair

Our dust pan is specially designed with cleaning combs made to remove 3x more hair compared to the standard dust pan. The dust pan is complete with a flexible lip that seals to the floor for easy, hands-free debris pickup—no bending required! Leaving one hand open for belly scratches.

Cleans hair in one sweep*

Dual bristle technology removes dirt and hair more efficiently, so you can quickly get back to play time. Featuring angled bristles, the PowerCorner Pet Pro broom achieves better floor contact.


• Angled bristles provide better floor contact
• Cleans hair in one sweep
• Fibers made with 80% recycled materials
• Memory bristles resist bending and hold their shape to easily pull dirt from corners
• Dust pan lip seals to the floor for easy debris pick up
• Dust pan cleaning combs remove 3x more hair compared to the standard dust pan
• Dust pan releases dirt into trash with a tap
• Hands-free cleaning
• Made in the USA

*Removes over 99% of common household dust and dirt like long grain rice, sugar, hair and cereal in one sweep, as tested at an independent accredited lab.
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