Scrunge® for Stainless Steel

Tough on messes, yet gentle on surfaces. The two-in-one Scrunge® for Stainless Steel is designed with one microfiber side and one no-scratch scrubbing side to effectively wipe away dirt and grime. It’s specially designed with side ridges to protect fingernails and enhance handling while cleaning. The Scrunge® is complete with odor-resistant technology, ensuring it rinses clean to prevent odors.


• Specifically designed for stainless steel surfaces, such as cooktops and appliances
• Special ridges to enhance handling and protect fingernails 
• Non-scratch scrubbing surface; cleans up tough, burnt-on stains and grease but is gentle on stainless steel
• Soft microfiber cloth polishes, dries and wipes, leaving a streak-free shine
• Odor-resistant technology ensures sponge rinses clean 

Use & Care

Before use, test on an inconspicuous area first. Do not use dry powdered/abrasive detergent. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze sponge dry after each use. To further clean, place sponge in dishwasher. For best results, replace every 30-60 days.

a brand of FREUDENBERG