Scrunge® for Glass Ceramic

Tough on messes, yet gentle on surfaces. The two-in-one Scrunge® for Glass Ceramic is designed from microfiber with a gentle scrubber surface that breaks up and lifts away dirt without scratching. It’s gentle on glass surfaces, but tough enough to wipe away burnt-on stains and grease. The Scrunge®’s odor-resistant technology ensures it rinses clean to prevent odors.


• Specifically designed for glass ceramic surfaces, like oven cooktops
• Non-scratch scrubbing surface; cleans up tough, burnt-on stains and grease but is gentle on glass 
• Soft microfiber removes grease and particles for a streak-free polish
• No chemicals needed; use wet with just water or dry

Use & Care

Allow the surface to cool down before use. The sponge can be used wet or dry. Rinse well after each use.

WARNING: Use exclusively on glass ceramic cooktops. Do not use on hot surfaces. The sponge does not scratch glass ceramic surfaces but can retain particles that may scratch. For best results, replace every 30-60 days.

a brand of FREUDENBERG