Whether you’re doing a thorough dust or just giving your home a quick once-over, O-Cedar® dusters can help get the task done easily and efficiently.

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Household dusting made easy

Keep your home free of dust, dirt and hair with the O-Cedar Flex & Catch duster. This extendable hand duster is great for dusting blinds, ceiling fans, bookcases, cars, electronics, and more.

Dust bunnies, beware!

I’m super pleased with this versatile dusting tool from O-Cedar. With its various angles and extendable handle, I could easily clean the hard-to-get places, like the top side of fans and cabinets. It can hold a lot of dust, and it comes with several duster refills, so you really get your money’s worth. This makes the cleaning job WAY easier. 

—Does Who Gets Things Done, HomeDepot.com

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