Dual-Action Duster Set

The handy Dual-Action Duster set is designed with millions of microscopic fibers to trap and hold dirt, dust and moisture. Featuring a fluffy duster attachment for dry dusting and a microfiber and chenille attachment for a deeper clean. The multipurpose duster extends to 49 inches, perfect for trapping particles on any hard surface.


• Fluffy duster effortlessly removes dust and dirt particles
• Bendable chenille and microfiber duster can be used dry or damp for an even deeper clean 
• Chenille and microfiber duster is reusable and machine washable
• Adjustable handle that extends from 24” to 49”
• For best results, replace every 2-3 months

Use & Care

Machine wash Chenille and microfiber duster after each use. For best results, replace every 2-3 months.

a brand of FREUDENBERG