3 Places to Clean at Home after Being Sick with the Flu

3 Places to Clean at Home after Being Sick with the Flu

MAY 15, 2020 | Seasonal, Cleaning Tips

Enthusiasm for cleaning tends to be at an all-time high after you or someone in your family has been sick with the flu. Use that motivation to clean around the house and make sure to cover ‘hot spots’ for germs in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Clean and disinfect all ‘high touch’ surfaces, including soft items, like towels and bedding. And don’t forget to clean your cleaning tools too! We also included a cleaning checklist below as a cheat sheet.

Before you start with a thorough cleaning, it’s important to understand the difference between ‘cleaning’ and ‘disinfecting’, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

  • Cleaning is the removal of germs and bacteria from surfaces. It does not kill germs and bacteria, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.
  • Disinfecting refers to using cleaners and sprays to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. This process is done after cleaning and surfaces must be disinfected for 3-5 minutes in order to take effect. Disinfecting can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Now that you’ve mastered these home care definitions, don’t' forget to put on a pair of gloves to keep your hands protected from the mess before you begin to clean.

Tip: Use a different colored pair of household cleaning gloves for every room


1. The Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is everyone’s least favorite, especially after recovering from an illness, so get it out of the way first. Scrub the sink, shower and tub with a Non-Scratch Scrunge® . Its rippled scrubber surface brings a lot of muscle without scratching surfaces. Make sure to wipe down counters, faucets, light switches, door handles, cabinet knobs and mirrors. Don’t forget to clean the toilet and scrub the inside of the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. Lastly, mop the floors with your preferred household cleaning solution. O-Cedar's microfiber mops remove over 99% of bacteria with water*, which makes them a powerful cleaning tool for the bathroom cleanup.

*Removes, does not kill, over 99% of E.coli and Staph. aureus from pre-finished hardwood flooring and ceramic tile using tap water, as tested at an independent accredited lab.


2. The Kitchen

Just about all the kitchen surfaces should get a good wipe down both during and after an illness with a fresh microfiber cloth. We’re all used to cleaning counters and the table, but don’t forget all the cabinet knobs, appliance handles and buttons too! Use the Scrunge to clean the sink and faucet. Finally, mop the floors with the EasyWring Spin Mop for a deep clean.

Tip: Remember to change your Scrunge every month


3. The Bedroom

A lot of time is spent in bed when you’re sick. So, make sure to throw the sheets, blankets, and comforters you’ve slept on in a hot wash so they can be disinfected. Clean the bedroom mattress to remove dust, dirt and dead skin cells with a vacuum cleaner. Remember, getting a good night’s rest, is important to your health and wellness.

Clean other ‘hot spots’ in the house as well and use the list below so you don’t miss anything. Electronics are often overlooked. And if you ran to the pharmacy while you were sick, don’t forget to give attention to the inside of your car as well. Run loads of laundry (including the reusable mop pads and microfiber cloths) in between rooms to be efficient.  Be sure to wash your hands when you’re all done, even if you wore gloves. Stay healthy and safe!
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