Three Ways to Make Organic Cleaning Sprays

Three Ways to Make Organic Cleaning Sprays

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Here at O-Cedar®, we like to keep things natural, which is why you can use all of our products with your own homemade cleaning spray. If you’ve never made an all-natural cleaning spray though you may be unsure of where to begin. Read on to access our organic cleaning spray recipe, plus discover some of our other favorite organic cleaning spray solutions.

Organic Cleaning Spray Recipe #1
When it comes to cleaning, there’s no need to purchase an expensive, chemical laden cleaning solution. Instead, we encourage you to make your own at home. It’s simple!

Step #1: Fill a spray bottle with tap water and add two teaspoons of vinegar.

Step #2: Gently shake the bottle to swirl around the water and vinegar until they combine and mix together.

Step #3: Use on all of your surfaces including hard surfaces like kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks, windows and even on hard floor surfaces including linoleum, tile, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, marble and stone.

Why We Love It: Known as the “do it all” cleaner, vinegar is a natural cleaning option that is safe to use on almost all surfaces. The best part is, it’s usually right in your kitchen pantry, so you’ll always have it on hand. Now you don’t have an excuse to skip out on cleaning. Sorry! (But not really).

Organic Cleaning Spray Recipe #2
The smell of vinegar is mild in comparison to some other chemical cleaners like bleach, but we realize some people aren’t fans of the smell. Although the smell of vinegar usually disappears in minutes, some people still can’t stand it. So if you are one of them, we have another natural cleaning solution for you, Castile soap!

Step #1: Add hot water to a cleaning bucket and add ⅛-¼ cup of liquid Castile soap.

Step #2: Gently stir the hot water and liquid Castile soap together until thoroughly mixed and bubbles begin to form, but make sure you don’t have a ton of bubbles. No need for a foam party!

A word of caution: Don’t mix vinegar and Castile soap together when cleaning. Feel free to use vinegar for cleaning and then Castile soap if you wish, just make sure you give your surfaces a through rinse with clean water in between, but never mix vinegar and Castile soap together. Just remember, one after the other but never together!

Why We Love it: If you can’t stand the smell of white vinegar, then this cleaning substitution gets the job done and just as effectively!

Organic Cleaning Spray Recipe #3
If you don’t have Castile soap on hand and the smell of vinegar doesn’t bother you then you will like this third organic cleaning spray recipe.

Step #1: In a small cleaning bucket, add one cup of hot water then combine a half cup of white vinegar with one teaspoon of your favorite floor cleaner.

Step #2: Mix all ingredients together then use on floors to clean and bring back the shine and sparkle to all of your hard floor surfaces. Why We Love It: We love being efficient, especially when it comes to cleaning, which is why we love this solution. It’s a two in one! Get in a good clean and get your floors to sparkle like they’re brand new.

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