O-Cedar's 2023 Clean Squad

22 Tips and Tricks from the O-Cedar® Clean Squad to Keep Your Home CleanTok Ready

22 Tips and Tricks from the O-Cedar® Clean Squad to Keep Your Home CleanTok Ready

October 2, 2023 Cleaning Tips, Get Organized

We love helping you #makehomefeelgreat, and the O-Cedar® Clean Squad ambassadors know exactly what a good cleaning hack is! Our passionate team of cleaning influencers take cleaning seriously, and they’ve shared with us their top hacks for a tidier space. We’re passing the cleaning secrets along to help you figure out what the best strategy is for cleaning your house. 

Alyssa O-Cedar Clean Squad

Alyssa — @alyssascleaningcompany
Alyssa is a cleaning pro based in Oakland & Macomb, MI. Her favorite part of cleaning is seeing the contrast between before & after — especially when a space starts out really dirty.

Tip #1: Get into the details! Rather than scrubbing baseboards and walls by hand, Alyssa breaks out her O-Cedar® spin mop to make it a quick & easy task.

Tip #2: For organizing – start with taking out all the items in your way and getting the space clean. Whether it’s a closet, cabinet, or laundry room, you want to remove everything and give the area a good wipe-down. By going through everything, you can decide better what you want to keep or let go of. Now, you’re in a better position to get some bins and get organizing. 

Tip #3: If you have pets, using the Pet Pro Broom and Step-On Dustpan from O-Cedar® is a great tool for basic upkeep – the V- trim bristles are designed to pick up hair, and the built-in cleaning combs remove 3 times more hair than standard dustpans, all without you having to use your hands.

Catherine O-Cedar Clean Squad

Catherine — @_catben_
Catherine is a Kentucky based cleaning & organization maven, plus a wife & mother of 4. She loves the satisfaction of things being clean, and the feeling of not having any clutter or mess waiting to be dealt with.

Tip #4: When Catherine is preparing for guests, she does a full guest-bathroom cleanout. She washes the rugs, removes and wipes underneath her décor, and sets out fresh toiletries – but the key is using her RinseClean Spin Mop and O-Cedar® PACS Hard Floor Cleaner. The floors get squeaky clean and the whole room smells amazing afterwards! 

Tip #5: Figuring out how to get pet hair off furniture is a constant battle for most pet owners – Catherine discovered a hack she swears by. Wearing rubber gloves, simply wipe your hands over the upholstered furniture – dog and cat hair lifts off and sticks to your hands, making for a very easy clean-up! 

Tip #6: De-clutter first — you can't clean if there's clutter, but how do you declutter a space? Catherine recommends a 3-pile approach. Make a keep pile, a donate pile and a trash pile. If you haven't touched it in a year, you throw it away or donate it. Everything else you keep, and from there is when you can fully clean your space. It’s a lot easier to keep a clean space and have things organized if you have a place for everything.

Tahira O-Cedar Clean Squad

Tahira — @the_aesthetic_side_of_homes
Tahira moved to the US from Karachi, Pakistan about 10 years ago and is a designer & DIYer, as well as a wife & mother of 2. She agrees with the adage “a cluttered home is like a cluttered mind” and is full of DIY cleaning hacks!

Tip #7: Use an old pillowcase to clean fan blades – this way you can wipe off the blades without dropping any dust into the room below. This is super helpful for fans over beds – you don’t have to worry about dirt landing in the bed!

Tip #8: Use a rubber band to secure a ziplock bag full of vinegar over your shower heads and taps monthly. Letting them soak helps to get rid of built-up minerals and soap scum. 

Tip #9: Keep cabinets clean – rather than wiping them by hand, Tahira uses her O-Cedar® mop to clean her kitchen cabinets! It also makes cleaning walls super easy.

Brandon O-Cedar Clean Squad

Brandon — @brandon.lachappelle
Brandon is a lifestyle content creator. Cleaning his space means he feels better mentally, feels more put together and helps him to keep a routine & structure in his daily life.

Tip #10: Pick a day for a full reset – Sundays for Brandon include floor cleaning with his spin mop for a streak-free shine. He uses the O-Cedar® PACS Hard Floor Cleaner to clean both hardwood floors and bathroom tiles without harsh chemicals. 

Tip #11: Choosing easy and well-thought out tools can make mundane tasks fun! Brandon likes the O-Cedar® RinseClean Spin Mop because it’s so easy to use. Being able to wring it out instead of having soaking wet floors and dirty mop water makes mopping the floor enjoyable.

Kate O-Cedar Clean Squad

Kate — @later_kates
Clean Queen Kate’s goal is to help you find easier ways to clean your space. Following a good clean, when everything is in its place and the house smells good, she likes to sit on the couch and relax!

Tip #12:   To remove hard water buildup from glass shower doors, Kate uses her magic DIY hard water removing spray! It’s ½ cup white vinegar, ½ cup rubbing alcohol, and 1-2 pumps of dish soap. 

Tip #13: Make it competitive – and part of your routine! Set a timer for 15 minutes each morning, and race yourself to see how much you can accomplish. Over time, it will become a habit, and your house just starts to stay clean – plus, you won’t feel like you’re wasting extra time cleaning.

Ashley O-Cedar Clean Squad

Ashley — @alexanderreneedesign
Based in ATL, Ashley’s content centers around décor, DIY tips, cleaning and home organization – she loves the satisfaction of cleaning but especially enjoying the space when it is spotless!

Tip #14: A simple upgrade can make a huge difference – Ashley’s favorite underrated tool is a Microfiber cloth. The difference of this over a cotton rag is huge – it makes your stainless steel sparkle. Especially for kids’ sticky fingers on the fridge or microwave, just buff it out with a microfiber rag and your appliances look like new!

Tip #15: Take your time – and break it down. Take 20 minutes a day and clean a space, instead of trying to get your whole house clean as if it's all or nothing. Just start in one room. Do whatever you can get done in 20 minutes; even set a timer. You’ll feel more accomplished that way than trying to tackle cleaning the entire house and you’ll stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed.

Tip #16: Light a candle and enjoy! After Ashley cleans, she loves how her home feels like home. The space is clean, a candle is lit and she and her family can just relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Danielle O-Cedar Clean Squad

Danielle — @ournestonpowell
Danielle is a DIY & lifestyle content guru who shares the joy of keeping her home clean. She loves having a clean space, where she can walk in and immediately feel refreshed.

Tip #17: Stock up on O-Cedar® PACS Hard Floor Cleaner, which are packed with powerful enzymes that dissolve stubborn dirt & grease. They are more concentrated compared to liquid floor cleaners, and using them with the RinseClean™ Spin Mop system helps Danielle keep things continuously clean!

Tip #18: For a quick clean, Danielle uses the O-Cedar® ProMist® MAX Microfiber Spray Mop – the microfiber pad removes over 99% of bacteria with just water and is both machine washable and reusable.

Tip #19: Don’t forget to vacuum the mattress. Clean sheets feel great, but a clean base underneath feels even better. Danielle vacuums the mattress itself whenever she’s giving her bedroom a good thorough refresh.

Tip #20: Don’t underestimate the power of a good playlist! This is Danielle’s secret to cleaning — with a good playlist she can tackle anything.

Bret and Stephen O-Cedar Clean Squad

Bret & Stephen — @broadwayhusbands
Bret and Stephen live in NYC with their son Maverick who dance their way through life! Bret really values the “after” of a good clean – when you can relax and enjoy the payoff of having a great-smelling and clean space. 

Tip #21: Bret’s favorite cleaning hack is using the O-Cedar® Rinse Clean Spin Mop, because of the two separate compartments for clean and dirty water.

 With RinseClean, you’re always putting the mop into clean water, and separating the dirty muck out each time. When you’re mopping with this mop, you’re able to keep everything truly clean.

Tip #22: On that note — stop using wasteful single-use mops! Bret recommends using the O-Cedar® PACS Hard Floor Cleaner with a reusable mop head — as a new parent, he wants to make sure his baby is crawling around a bacteria-free space. PACs deliver the perfect amount of cleaning power, with no measurement or mixing required.

Using a reusable mop head helps save the planet, and it actually gets your floors cleaner. There’s no residue or layers of dirt left. You feel better about your eco-footprint, and you feel the difference of a more powerful clean.

The O-Cedar® Clean Squad is just getting started, so follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter below, to be the first to hear their latest cleaning tips & tricks. Whether you’re setting a weekly cleaning routine or looking for tips for deep cleaning your home, we hope these ideas help you discover the joy of cleaning — and if not, at least the satisfaction of enjoying your space after a job well done!

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