5 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

5 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

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April showers may have brought us May flowers, but the month of May also brings with it Mother’s Day. That’s right! Mark your calendars because Sunday, May 13th is Mother’s Day. Although May flowers do make for a lovely Mother’s Day gift, we have some unique ideas to celebrate mom. Whether you give Mom a pocket sized present or something more, pick out the perfect present for all of the mothers in your life this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Weekend Warriors

For the wellness warriors in your life, give them the gift of new workout gear like:

  • Yoga mat complete with carrier. Be sure to pick out their favorite color or a design as unique as their favorite yoga pose.
  • Gym bag packed with a new water bottle and post workout snacks for proper recovery.
  • Resistance bands and a set free weights for an at-home workout.
  • New workout clothes such as a new pair of running shorts or a yoga top.

The gym goers in your life will love these Mother’s Day gift ideas, perfect for their active lifestyles!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Top Chefs

Whether the mom in your life is a total top chef or could be considered a Betty Crocker, give her the gift of her favorite kitchen gadgets including:

  • Vegetable spiralizer for all of those new vegetable recipes she has been wanting to try.
  • Set of spices and seasonings for all of her delicious culinary creations.
  • The latest book from her favorite chef or baker. Better yet, make her a homemade recipe book complete with all of her favorite recipes.
  • Pizza stone plus pizza dough baking mix or a new waffle iron with a box of waffle mix. (Bonus: Make her breakfast in bed!)

Whether your Mom is a wannabe cook or a culinary goddess, these Mother’s Day gifts are perfect for all of the mothers who are cooks and bakers in your life.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Busy Moms

Whether you have a busy mom or know a busy mom, give the busy moms in your life gifts that will help make their lives easier.

  • New calendar or planner to keep her busy schedule in order.
  • Gift card to her favorite coffee cafe complete with a new coffee carrier.
  • ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop to elevate her weekly cleaning. Make this gift even better by cleaning the house for mom the entire month of May. (Okay maybe just for Mother’s Day). Check out our May music playlist perfect to jam out to while you clean the house for mom.
  • Refills to her favorite O-Cedar cleaning products like the ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop and the EasyWring™ Spin Mop.

These gifts will give mom the gift of a helpful hand and will assist mom in making her day a whole lot easier.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Outdoor Moms

If your mom enjoys a day out in Mother Nature, give her the gift of the great outdoors.

  • Plan a family picnic at mom’s favorite park.
  • Go for a morning walk with Mom.
  • Hit the hiking trails. Don’t forget to pack snacks!
  • If you live in a warmer climate, plan a beach day for some fun in the sun, but don’t forget to pack sun block!

Give mom a breath of fresh air this Mother’s Day with a day spent outdoors with the entire family.

Mother’s Day Gifts Every Mom Will Enjoy

Every mom enjoys the gift of relaxation so give them Mother’s Day gifts that will help them relax after a long day.

  • Bullet journal
  • Subscription to a meditation app like Headspace
  • Natural beauty products
  • An at-home spa inspired basket complete with scented candles, relaxing essential oils like lavender, mint and frankincense, bubble bath or bath bombs and a sleep mask.

Looking for something bigger? Ask your family members to go in together and send mom off to the spa for the day or use a spa concierge service and schedule mom an at-home manicure, pedicure or massage.

No matter how you celebrate Mother's Day or what you give Mom, remember to thank her. There is no right or wrong gift, as long as you express your love and sincere appreciation for Mom and all she has done and continues to do in your life. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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