Cleaning Your Home After a New Baby; A Discussion with Joy Green

Cleaning Your Home After a New Baby; A Discussion with Joy Green

NOVEMBER 18, 2020 | Get OrganizedCleaning Tips

Keeping your home clean after a new baby can be a challenge. Trying to keep up with daily messes, finding time to declutter, and making sure you’re using the right cleaning solutions all while trying to take care of baby can be overwhelming. We had the pleasure of connecting with Joy Green, a blogger and mother of two, to learn more about her tips and tricks to keeping her home clean after a new baby.


1. How do you keep the daily messes in your home under control now that you have two kids?

I have learned with the first kid that you can’t wait to clean when the kids rest. You have to do it right away and together. Especially with Bodhi almost crawling, the sticky messes can get tracked everywhere if we don’t pick it up right away. That’s why I love the ProMist MAX Spray Mop! It’s easy to grab and quick clean with the powerful double-sided microfiber mop pad. The spray nozzle gives me the perfect spray, just the right amount to cover the area!


2. What are your steps when decluttering the nursery?

We have a basket for each of the kiddos that I call the “knickknack” basket. Each day, we fill that basket with things the kids leave scattered around the house and they bring it up to their rooms at night to put away. I am a firm believer that everything should have a permanent “home” and grouping like items together makes organizing much easier. In the playroom, we have shelves and bins of similar items. Kai knows that she may bring out one toy at a time and put it back up before pulling another out. These simple rules help us to keep the floors clear and keep their focus on one thing at a time.

3. What cleaning solution do you use on your floors?

Because my baby puts everything in his mouth right now and occasionally licks the floor (my cat does this too, so weird), I think less is more. The less chemicals, the more kid friendly, the better. Most days I just use water because the ProMist MAX removes over 99% of bacteria with just water*. If I want a deeper clean, I add a tiny bit of vinegar and lemon essential oil.


4. How do you get the rest of your family to help with the cleaning process?

Kai is at the age where she LOVES to help. We have always given her small tasks she can feel good about. Things like loading the dishwasher, watering the plants, and dusting shelves are her dedicated jobs and she feels proud to accomplish them.

Also cleaning to a music dance party always helps.

5. What’s your favorite way to relax at home with the kids after it you’ve finished cleaning up?

My favorite way to relax with the kiddos is with a family movie night! We build a fort, add some Twinkle lights, use a million pillows on the floor and eat ALL the snacks.

*Removes over 99% of E. coli and Staph. aureus from pre-finished hardwood flooring and ceramic tile using tap water, as tested at an independent accredited lab

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