Easy Christmas Tree Clean Up Tips

Easy Christmas Tree Clean Up Tips

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches. Well, that is until the pine needles dry up and end up all over your floor. (Yikes!) Everyone loves a Christmas tree when it is freshly cut and standing upright fully decorated and adorned in all its Christmas glory, but the truth is, no one likes taking down the Christmas tree. Fortunately, with a few simple tips, you can complete this Christmas clean up task effortlessly.

STEP #1: Prep the Area

Start Christmas cleanup by choosing an old sheet or workshop drop cloth and place it at the base of the Christmas tree. If you have taken down a Christmas tree before, you know it’s inevitable pine needles will fall as you work. Strategically place a large sheet or cloth around the tree will save you some cleanup time later.


STEP #2: Take Down Ornaments

If you have delicate ornaments, you may want to set down some towels to keep them safe in case they fall while you are removing them. Delicately detach each ornament and wrap them individually in tissue paper or used wrapping paper. Return them to their boxes or place them in sturdy storage containers with dividers for easy storage. You can even repurpose old egg cartons to store smaller ornaments.


STEP #3: Remove Christmas Lights

Start taking down the Christmas tree lights where you finished stringing them and work backwards. Wind each light strand in a neat little bundle. Place each set in a separate storage bag so they don’t get tangled or wrap them around spool, similar to how you stored the summer garden hose.


STEP #4: Take Down the Christmas Tree

Use a turkey baster to remove any water that remains in the Christmas tree stand. Next, remove the tree skirt. If it’s covered in dead pine needles, shake the tree skirt out outside or over the sheet you laid down in step one. Spread the sheet or drop cloth to its full dimension then lay the Christmas tree down horizontally over it and remove the trunk from the tree stand. Gather up the bed sheet or drop cloth then carry the Christmas tree outside.

Bonus Tip: If you used a plastic tree bag, envelop the tree and the stand then take everything outside. Once outside, remove the plastic bag from the tree and remove the tree stand.


STEP #5: Properly Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

Most communities across the country have a Christmas tree recycling program in place where discarded Christmas trees are turned into chipped mulch for gardens (including your own garden) or local paths and hiking trails.

Check out the National Christmas Tree Association website for more tips on how you can properly recycle your Christmas tree.


STEP #6: Christmas Cleanup

Now that the Christmas tree is down, it’s time for cleanup. Use your indoor broom and dustpan to sweep up as many needles as possible.

Putting up the Christmas tree is a fun family tradition for many, so why not make taking down the tree just as fun? Put on a movie marathon while you work and celebrate with a delicious dinner or a cup of hot cocoa after the work is complete.

After you have swept up the pine tree needles, use your EasyWring Spin Mop for any leftover mess left behind like sticky tree sap.

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