Getting Organized for the New Year

Getting Organized for the New Year

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Every New Year’s Eve, resolutions are made to eat healthy, lose weight and get organized. Last year alone, over 33 million people made the resolution to get organized in the New Year, but by the month of February 80% of individuals usually give up on their New Year’s resolutions. This year, stick to your New Year’s resolution to get organized with these five easy tips from O-Cedar.

Thinking in Specifics
Most people make New Year’s resolutions that are too general. For example, “I am going to get organized in the New Year.” That’s great, but get more specific. Ask yourself, what exactly do you want to organize in the New Year? Your office? Your kitchen cabinets? Your entire house?

Once you decide what you want to organize, map out actionable steps to help you reach your overall goal. For instance, if you want to organize your office, make it a point to choose one shelf or desk drawer to tackle each week. By taking small, actionable steps you are setting yourself up for success to reach your overall goal of getting organized in the New Year.

Setting Up Daily, Weekly, Monthly Routines
Breaking down organizational tasks into categories like daily, weekly and monthly tasks can help you become more organized. Figure out a few daily tasks that you know you can accomplish every day, then plan what you can do on a weekly and monthly basis to keep you organized in the New Year. Here are a few small things that make a big difference:

  • Make the bed every morning
  • Clear dishes in the sink before going to bed
  • Change your bedroom sheets and bathroom towels every week
  • Clean your floors and vacuum any carpeted areas around your home once a week
  • Clean your car once a month
  • Organize high traffic areas of your home as needed

Delegating Chores
It doesn’t matter who you live with, it’s time to delegate. Assign everyone in your household a task so everyone contributes to keeping the house organized. For example:

  • Tackle the mail pile every day so paper doesn’t pile up
  • Ask your spouse to wipe down the kitchen counters after cooking dinner
  • Enlist the kids to wash and dry the dishes after family meals
  • Have everyone take 5-10 minutes at the end of every day to pick up any items that are theirs. Whether it’s backpacks, books, computer chargers, gym socks or hats, make sure everyone heads off to bed with items in hand so everyone takes responsibility for items that are theirs so everyone wakes up to a clean house.

Getting Rid of Clutter
It’s easy to hang onto items you think you may one day need, but do you really need that kitchen gadget you don’t even know how to use? How about that sweater that no longer fits you or the slippers that are practically falling apart. It’s okay to let go of items that no longer serve a purpose in your home or your life. Maybe you received duplicate gifts for the holidays. Keep one and donate the other! If you recently purchased anything new, like a new teapot or coffee maker, be sure to get rid of the old one. No need to keep two! Whether you give items to a family member or friend in need or donate these items to your local church, homeless shelter or other organization, don’t be afraid to let go.

Celebrating Successes
All work and no play isn’t any fun for anyone, so make sure to celebrate your successes both big and small. Organize your kitchen junk drawer? That’s a small victory! (Okay, maybe it’s a big victory). Organize your entire office? That’s huge! Whatever you accomplish, make sure you celebrate. Treat yourself to some chocolate after the work week or stay up past 10pm to binge watch your favorite show with a bowl of buttered popcorn included, whatever you decide to do, celebrate your success!

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