How to Quickly Clean Up After a Football Party

How to Quickly Clean Up After a Football Party

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Hut, hut, hike! Football season is in full swing and that means hosting or attending football parties. Here is the ultimate playbook for quick clean up tips after hosting a football party.

Before the Football Party
Here are a few pre-party tips to incorporate before your next football party. These will help make your game day clean up easier once guests leave the party and the game is over.

  1. Set up Stations: Before the football party, set up stations around your home for recycling and trash so partygoers have designated spots to recycle their water bottles and soda cans. Clearly mark bins with “recycling” or “garbage” so guests know where items go. If you have a compost pile in your garden, create a bin for any compostable food scraps as well.
  2. Use Disposable Products: Save yourself some time and avoid dishes all together by using disposable products like cups, bowls, plates and cutlery.
  3. Stock Up on Napkins: Football food has a tendency to be pretty messy: taco dip, chili, buffalo chicken wings, ribs dripping in sticky barbecue sauce, crunchy potato chips. (You get the idea!) Instead of laying out napkins near the food table, place them throughout your entire home, especially where guests will be watching the big game. You can even place a pile of moist towelettes near finger-foods to remind guests to use them after they enjoy their football themed meal.
  4. Slip on Slipcovers: If you plan on hosting a lot of football parties this season, it may be worth your time to invest in machine-washable slipcovers for your couch and armchairs. Slipcovers make cleaning easier and is less expensive to clean than replacing your upholstery.

After the Football Party
Here are some post-party clean up tips that will cut down on clean up time after your football party has ended.

  1. Find Food: Despite your best efforts with labeled recycling bins, trash bins and food compost bins, you may still find stray water bottles, soda cans and food plates. Tackle these first! If you hosted children at your football party, you might find food in strange places (i.e. behind the couch or under chairs) so make sure you do a thorough search before moving on.
  2. Search for Spots: Any unwanted stains left behind by party guests can be washed away with a thorough rinse through the washing machine. Items like table cloths and slipcovers may see a lot of wear and tear throughout the football season, so add in some additional cleaning power by pouring in one cup of white vinegar before washing. Can’t get rid of that stubborn stain? Check out our guide on removing pesky stains.
  3. Wipe Off Countertops and Surfaces: Grab a microfiber cleaning cloth and your favorite organic cleaning spray and wipe off any tables and countertops so they are crumb free.
  4. Sweep Up: After all of that delicious football food, there is bound to be some messes like broken potato chip and crumbs left over from those homemade cookies. Grab your indoor broom and give your home a clean sweep.
  5. Mop: After you sweep up the floors, grab your ProMist® MAX Microfiber Spray Mop and give your home a quick clean. Safe to use on all surfaces, the ProMist® MAX will pick up any mess left behind by party guests.

Football is a team sport, but unfortunately, cleaning up after a football party usually is not. However, why not make it one? Just like football, gather a team and use our playbook prior to your football party so you can clean up quickly and efficiently. Then go ahead and break out into your touchdown dance!

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