It’s Not too Late to Start Spring Cleaning

It’s Not too Late to Start Spring Cleaning

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It’s never too late to begin spring cleaning. Although spring cleaning usually takes place in the month of March, as the first day of spring falls on March 20th, spring cleaning can really take place at any time of year. Just because it’s April doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joy of spring cleaning. (Sorry, no excuses!) If you are tackling spring cleaning later this season, take a look at some of our top tips to get you motivated for spring cleaning.

#1: Start Small
Start spring cleaning with a small project like the front entryway, the coat closet or even the kitchen pantry. Checking off smaller tasks first can instill a sense of accomplishment, which can ultimately motivate you to tackle bigger cleaning projects like cleaning out the garage, basement or attic.

#2: Pillage the Pantry

It’s easy to overlook areas of your home like the kitchen pantry, but by taking a closer look, you may be surprised to find old potatoes growing new potatoes (scary), stale crackers from last year’s family road trip (yuck) and handfuls of leftover Halloween candy (boo). Throw out expired food items, donate excess canned goods to a local food pantry or shelter and toss old spices and seasonings, which are only good for about one year.

#3: Sanitize Sponges
If your kitchen dish sponges could use a good cleaning themselves, don’t toss them in the trash just yet. Instead, sanitize them. We recommend sanitizing sponges in the dishwasher as bleach can break down the sponge’s fibers, so the next time you run the dishwasher, place your kitchen sponge on the top rack and give it a clean.


#4: Take Advantage of the Dishwasher
The dishwasher isn’t just for washing dishes. Here are a few of our favorite items you can run through the dishwasher for a deep clean:

  • Fridge shelves
  • The rangehood filter from the oven/stovetop
  • Kitchen dish sponges and brushes
  • Toothbrush holders
  • Pet dishes and toys
  • Baseball Caps

#5: Let There Be Light
Dusty light bulbs mean dimly light rooms, so grab a gentle microfiber cloth or duster and give light bulbs a quick wipe down. Don’t forget light bulbs found in table lamps, overhead lights, floor lamps and ceiling fan light bulbs. Just make sure the light bulbs have cooled off before cleaning.


#6: Wash the Windows
Cleaning the windows can be a big undertaking, but we have a simple and inexpensive solution! Take two parts lemon juice to one part white vinegar, dilute the mixture in hot water, grab a cloth and gently wipe down windows. Your windows will be sparkling like the springtime sunshine in no time.


#7: Scrub Screens
Take window cleaning one step further by removing window screens. Hose them down with water then scrub them with a spare square of carpeting. Square spares of carpet from re-carpeting your home or even from an old carpet runner actually makes for a powerful brush on screens and can ultimately help remove any built up dirt and debris leftover from winter.


#8: Dust the Drapes
If window treatments are looking a bit drab, take them off of the window, remove their hooks and toss them in the dryer for 15-20 minutes. Be sure to use the air-fluff cycle and add a small, damp washcloth. This will help draw out the dust. Hang back up immediately to avoid unwanted wrinkles.


#9: Air It Out
Sometimes bedding like larger comforters, blankets and decorative pillows don’t need to be washed, but they may need to be aired out after a long winter. Take them outside and let them hang outside for a day on a clothesline to air out in the fresh springtime breeze.


#10: Coordinate Closets
The changing of the season brings with it a new wardrobe to wear. Use this opportunity to empty closets entirely. Once you have successfully cleared the closet, run a vacuum through the closet, wipe down shelving units and hanging bars, replace any broken or flimsy hangers and reorganize clothing with spring and summer pieces so they are easily accessible for the new season. Winter jackets, coats, sweaters and scarves should be dry cleaned and properly stored until next season.


Whether you spring clean on the first day of spring or wait until the weather warms up, try these spring cleaning tips and welcome the new season with a clean home fit for spring!

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