O-CEDAR® is Putting the “O” Back in Organize

O-CEDAR® is Putting the “O” Back in Organize

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When you think of organization, you may think of how you can get organized for the New Year or organization around the home or office, but organization truly extends far beyond just cleaning out your junk drawer or organizing your spice cabinet. Here’s how O-Cedar is putting the “O” back in organize.

Organize Your Home
It may sound simple, but creating everyday habits can make a world of a difference. Make your bed every morning, take ten minutes to mop the floors and give the kitchen counters a good scrub down after cooking. Small tasks can make a big difference in your daily life!

Organize Your Entryway
A home’s entryway tends to be a drop off zone for anything and everything. Coats, hats, shoes, socks, bags, mail, keys, water bottles and work and school projects all tend to accumulate by the front door and entryway of a home. One of the best tips to keeping organization in the entryway is to keep shoes off of the floor. Get a container, like a stylish wicker basket, for all shoes. That way you can keep your floors clean, but in case someone forgets to remove their shoes and brings the great outdoors in, we have you covered.

Organize Your Routine
As we mentioned, organization does not end at your driveway, but instead extends into every area of your life, including your daily routine. Looking for ways to make your routine work for you? Try these:

  • Set your coffee pot to brew in the morning when your alarm goes.
  • Pack your gym bag every evening so you’re workout ready in the morning.
  • Give high traffic areas of your home a quick clean.

Organize Your Head Space
Clearing the clutter in your mind can enhance your life as well. Instead of burying your head in your devices with emails and social media, use your devices to find some organization in your head space and make your days easier!

  • Use calendar reminders for appointments and important events.
  • Make lists for groceries and weekly errands in your favorite notes app.
  • Keep family and friends addresses up to date so you never have to search for them.

Organize Your Life
Whether you make meals ahead of time, prioritize cleaning tasks or take five minutes to clean at the end of the day, there are lots of ways you can find organization in your life. If you aren’t sure where to start, let O-Cedar lead the way and help you find more organization in all areas of your life.

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