O-Cedar’s Holiday Gift Guide

O-Cedar’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Santa is making a list and checking it twice, which means it’s time for you to start holiday shopping too. We know picking out the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list can be downright stressful, which is why we have put together a holiday guide for everyone on your list. Happy holiday shopping everyone!

Gifts for Avid Travelers
For the avid travelers in your life who are always on the go, make sure they stay hydrated during all of their traveling adventures. Whether traveling for business, leisure, or both, snag a reusable water bottle so your frequent flyer can enjoy their favorite hot or cold beverage no matter where their trip takes them. Does your avid traveler already have a trip planned for next year? Give them some travel books or a travel journal so they can plan out their next adventure!


Gifts for Cleaning Machines
If you have family and friends who love to clean, they will love new cleaning products. Get creative and put together a cleaning machine themed bundle. Be sure to include a new bucket and stock it with sponges and scrubbers, a microfiber cleaning cloth kit, rubber gloves and their favorite mop refills. Add a personal touch and make a spray bottle filled with a homemade natural cleaning spray. Your lean, mean cleaning machine will love getting their clean on with new cleaning products.


Gifts for Health Nuts
No gluten, no grains, no sugar. No problem! For the health nut in your life, get them the new kitchen gadget they have had their eye on, a new cookbook or stock up with their favorite healthy snacks. Get creative with DIY gifts like a cold brew coffee kit, a brew your own kombucha kit, or a grow your own herbs kit. Plus, your health nut friend will appreciate the thought and creativity you put into keeping their holiday gift just as healthy as they are.


Gifts for Homebodies
For the homebodies in your life, gift them a comfy set of house slippers, an oversized mug, and a gourmet hot chocolate basket, perfect for a cozy night in at home. Elevate your gift with a movie and a set of delicious movie snacks. The homebodies in your life will love these for a good excuse to stay in on a cold winter’s night.


Gifts for Top (or Wannabe) Chefs
Whether your family or friends are whipping up a culinary creation or an epic kitchen fail, gift them an interactive cooking class! Even if your chef is already top chef status, they will enjoy learning new cooking techniques and how to make delicious new dishes or desserts for family and friends.


Gifts for Weekend Wellness Warriors
If you have family and friends who are always at the gym, hitting the yoga mat, or hiking the local trails, then you have a wellness warrior in your life. Give them a new gym bag in their favorite color or a fresh yoga mat in their favorite print. If there is a new gym or boutique fitness studio they have had their eye on, see if you can purchase a trial membership for one week or go big for a one month membership. No matter what you decide, the wellness warriors in your life will love getting their sweat on with your fitness themed gift.


No matter what gifts you decide to give this holiday season, remember the most important gift of all is being surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. Happy shopping everyone!

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