The Best Cleaning Supplies for the Great Outdoors

The Best Cleaning Supplies for the Great Outdoors

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Between backyard BBQs, pool parties and beach days you may be spending a lot of time outdoors this summer. Although you may not be inside as much, there are still lots of outdoor messes to clean up, which means it’s time to stock up your arsenal of the best cleaning supplies for the great outdoors.

PowerCorner® Large Angle Broom with Dust Pan
Whether sweeping the deck and patio or cleaning up the garage, you will need an outdoor broom. This eco-friendly broom features a large angled head that allows you to sweep more surface area and easily reaches into tight corners. Some other features we love include:

  • Strong, stiff black bristles are tough enough for outdoor jobs.
  • Memory bristles resist bending and naturally retain their shape for extended use.
  • Cushion grip on the handle provides added comfort when sweeping heavy debris.

Multi-Use Scrunge®
The summer season brings with it lots of outdoor activities like after dinner walks, family bike rides and pool parties with a lot of fun pool toys for the kiddos. Keep everything clean with the O-Cedar Multi-Use Scrunge®. The rippled, no-scratch surface deep cleans unlike traditional scrubbers that only trap and collect dirt and grime. Recommended by Teflon® quality tested nonstick coatings, the Scrunge® can also be used on outdoor kitchen sets and grill grates!

Easy-Pour™ Bucket
Beat the heat on a hot day by cooling off with an afternoon spent washing the car. Here’s a good go-to list of items that may be helpful when washing the car:

Whether you go all out with a wash and wax, show your car some love this season and give it a good scrub down during the summer months.

Playtex® HandSaver® Gloves
Playtex® HandSaver® Gloves are not just made to handle washing dishes or heavy-duty indoor household messes,  they are also great for outdoor messes too! Whether you’re protecting your hands from swimming pool chemicals like chlorine or getting your hands dirty washing the car, protect your hands with a set of Playtex® HandSaver® Gloves. Designed for comfort and flexibility, these household gloves provide superior protection while you tackle tough outdoor messes.

No matter how you spend the summer months, remember to to have fun, make memories (and maybe some outdoor messes), and be sure to stock up on these outdoor cleaning essentials, which are strong enough to handle any summertime mess!

Grab a pair of Playtex® HandSaver® Gloves and create your very own soup can herb garden, just in time for summer.

O-Cedar Scrunge Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge
Scrunge® Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge
O-Cedar Outdoor PowerCorner Broom
Outdoor PowerCorner® Broom
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