Playtex® Fresh Comfort Gloves

Experience ultimate comfort and protection at your fingertips with O-Cedar Playtex® Fresh Comfort Gloves. Made with durable and reusable materials, they offer premium hand protection for all your dishwashing and cleaning needs. They feature a comfortable foam lining that keeps your hands dry and a PerfectFlex® design for a snug fit and improved grip. What's more, our special foam lining provides extra protection from hot/cold water and household detergents.

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• 100% natural latex
• Leaves hands feeling fresh and dry
• Premium hand protection from hot/cold water, dishwashing, and household detergents
• Absorbent, moisture-wicking foam lining keeps hands dry and comfortable
• PerfectFlex® design for a snug fit and improved grip
• 2 sizes available: small/medium and large/extra large

Use & Care

After use, wash outside of gloves with soap and water and let air dry. Do not put in dishwasher.

a brand of FREUDENBERG