Five Quick Weekend Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Your House Fast!

Five Quick Weekend Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Your House Fast!

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No one wants to spend their weekends cleaning, but sometimes the weekend is the only time you can find the time to clean. We understand! The weekdays get busy and schedules fill up fast, but the weekends are made to be enjoyed. Whether you need to clean up quickly for company or maybe you just want to get it all done as quickly as possible, we have some quick cleaning tips to help you tackle all of your weekend cleaning tasks.

#1: Start at the Top
We’ve said it once and we will say it again, clean from the top down so all dust and dirt located on higher surfaces, falls down to lower surfaces, which haven’t yet been cleaned. Start with ceiling fans, light fixtures, then make your way down to other surfaces like furniture and tables, ultimately ending with sweeping or mopping the floor.

#2: Make a Breeze of Bedrooms

  • Strip linens and remake beds.
  • Clear clutter. Collect clutter in a spare basket or bin and organize the contents later when you have more time!
  • Dust furniture like nightstands, dressers and desks. Use your favorite duster or cleaning cloth and remember to work from the top down.

#3: Tackle All the Bathrooms at Once

  • Clear bathroom counter tops and spray with your favorite homemade cleaning spray.
  • Allow the counter tops to sit while you tackle the toilets and wipe down the showers and bathtubs.
  • Go back and wipe down all counter tops and finish with shining the mirrors.
  • Don’t forget to give the floors a clean with your mop of choice.

#4: Dust the Dining Room

  • Just like in the bedrooms, clear all clutter and collect it in one centralized location and tackle the contents another time!
  • Dust ceiling fan blades, window shades and blinds and overhead lights.
  • If you you have a few minutes to spare, use an upholstery attachment to vacuum your furniture, but if you are pressed for time, skip this step and vacuum any carpeted areas.

#5: Clean the Kitchen

  • Load the dishwasher with any dirty dishes then fill your kitchen sink with hot, soapy water. Soak any pots, pans or stove top burners that need to be cleaned.
  • Clear counter tops then wipe down with your favorite homemade cleaning spray. Remember to work top to bottom!
  • Don’t forget to wipe down appliances like coffee makers, toaster ovens, blenders or mixers.
  • Finish cleaning the stove top and replace all of its parts.
  • Save the floors for last! Sweep and mop, then call it a day.

Cleaning doesn’t have to take over the entire weekend! With these five quick and easy cleaning tips, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your clean house and your weekend.

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