How to Make Living with a Roommate a Little Bit Easier

How to Make Living with a Roommate a Little Bit Easier

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Sharing a living space with a roommate certainly has its benefits, but there can also be some potential pitfalls, which is why it’s wise to create a “Roommate Agreement” with all of your roommates. Roommate agreements map out general responsibilities for all parties living together including cleaning duties. One of the most popular complaints when living with a roommate is weekly cleaning. Unless you and your roommate are both neat and tidy, it is inevitable there will be an instance when chore confusion occurs. Here are five tips on how to make living with a roommate a little bit easier so you both can enjoy a clean living space (and keep the peace).

#1: Communicate
The best way for you and your roommate to maintain a clean living space is to each share your personal definitions of what “clean” means to you. If you are both on the same page from the start, you will have a much easier time keeping your apartment or home clean. However, if you each have different definitions of clean, then establish some ground rules through a Roommate Agreement.


#2: Sign a Roommate Agreement
It may sound juvenile, but if regular communication is tricky due to busy schedules, a roommate agreement can go a long way towards keeping your living space clean and avoid misunderstandings. Divide chores into categories that make the most sense. Organize by:

  • Area
  • Room
  • Section
  • Cleaning Task

You can even create a chart that allows you and your roommate(s) to rotate responsibilities. The tricky part is to make sure you stick to it! Establish a time frame that is doable for both you and your roommate. For instance, pick a day, like Sunday afternoon, and clean together. Cleaning is a lot more fun when you are cleaning together and are jamming out to a fun cleaning playlist. If you can’t clean together then agree to finish all of your cleaning tasks by the end of day on a specific day, like Sunday afternoon.

#3: Clean Up After Yourself
This tip may sound obvious, but it’s worth repeating. If you and your roommate each commit to cleaning up after yourselves, you will have very few disagreements.

  • Wash your own dishes
  • Clean your own rooms
  • Wipe down the kitchen after cooking a meal
  • Pick up after yourself in common areas
  • Leave the space cleaner than you initially found it

If you don’t have time to clean, then be sure to always gather your belongings and place them in your room to organize later when you have an ample amount of time.

#4: Make Sure You Have the Proper Cleaning Tools
Before you dive into cleaning, make sure you and your roommate have the proper cleaning tools including:

#5: Brush Up on Cleaning Tips
Before moving in with a roommate, brush up on some basic cleaning tips that can save you time and stress.

Whether you have lived with a roommate before or if this is your first time living with a roommate, these cleaning tips will make living with a roommate a little bit easier.

Check out what people really think about cleaning and living with a roommate in the "Roommate Cleaning Confessions" video below.

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